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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How to keep a perfect control on your holiday spending

Posted by admin on August 27, 2010

The spending habits go out of control during the holidays, especially during the Christmas and the New Year eve. There are so much expenses on parties, gifts, family meetings and before you realize how much you have already spent, your credit cards are maxed out and the whole paycheck is gone on presents and grocery shopping for that Christmas dinner and all the fixings.

There are ways to minimize the expenses during holidays and the best way is to do it by using a prepaid debit card. These prepaid debit cards are good for those people who do not have any control on their spending habits. There are so many people who keep on spending over and over until that Christmas spirit leaves their body, and later, they are left sitting at their kitchen table looking over all the bills. They try to catch up in their payments for the whole year and finally they find themselves perpetually in some kind of predicament.

The best way to keep a perfect control on your expenses during holidays is to use a prepaid debit card and some budgeting throughout the year. You can keep some funds aside from your paycheck every month so that you are able to build some funds for shopping purposes in the holidays. You can use this money to refill your prepaid debit card so that you don’t have to use a credit card and max it. You can start saving some money from your paycheck every month and put it towards your prepaid debit card. This way you don’t have to pull out any extra money out of your family budget. If on a certain month, you get a bonus check, you will be able to add more to your prepaid debit card. After all, this is extra money that you are building up for your Christmas expenses, buy amazing gifts for your family members and friends.

This habit of adding funds into the prepaid debit card is not only good for the holiday season but you are able to plan your finances throughout the year. When you have built enough funds on one prepaid debit card, you may try the same thing on another card so that you can gift one to your children.

Different types of auto insurances

Posted by admin on August 3, 2010

Out of all the insurances, auto insurance is the most popular and frequently bought insurance in the US. The number of cars on the road is more than the number of people and as per some state laws, it is a must to have car insurance. Since there is such a huge demand in the insurance, it is always necessary to be informed about the various aspects of motor vehicle insurance. There are six different kinds of car insurance policies.

Bodily Injury Liability – This is an insurance policy that covers drivers of another car. If your car has met with an accident and the driver of the other car is seriously hurt, then the medical costs will be covered by bodily injury liability. It is quite beneficial for the policy holder because he does not have to worry about being sued.

The Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage – This kind of insurance is similar to bodily Injury liability. The difference is that in this kind of insurance, the policy holder and associated passengers are covered in this case of an accident. They are entitled to have their medical bills, loss of wages and even death is covered.

Under Property Damage Liability car insurance policy – Under this policy, the insurance company will bear the cost of the damage of the other car after it met with an accident. The policy holder will have to bear the cost of the damages of his car from his own pocket.

The Collision Insurance policy – This is the most common and cheapest insurance available. Here the insurance company will pay for the damages or repairs on your car if it is hit by the other car. In this policy, the driver needs to pay a certain amount towards the deductible and the rest will be paid by the insurance company.

Comprehensive coverage – This is another popular policy for motor vehicle owners. Under this policy, the car is covered from a wide array of things. Your car will get the cover from fire, theft, acts of god and collision with other vehicles. The policy holders need to pay a certain amount of monthly deductible and the rest will be borne by the insurance company.

Uninsured and Undersigned Motorist Coverage – This insurance will be helpful in the event when someone with no insurance crashes into you. The insurance company will cover the costs of the damage sustained by the driver. In case of a hit and run, the policy holder will be insured.

In analyzing each policy we get to see what each one has to offer. In doing so it allows the potential purchaser of insurance to have the best information available for making the choice on their auto.