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Helpful ways of saving money when you are living in a tight budget



When the economy takes a downside turn, everybody wants to save some money by tightening their purse strings on their spending habits. They seem to be reluctant in taking out cash unless it’s short term loans for an emergency situation. People are finding alternative methods of transportation, counting their pennies at the grocery store, and cooking better food at home so that they don’t have to spend money by going out for dining.

Saving money at the grocery store: You can save a lot of money on your monthly food bills at the grocery store and still eat well by cooking food at home. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard and a garden can be a fun for your family. But if you don’t have the time, land, or patience for something like that, try these other tricks of the trade.

Go to a warehouse club with a friend or neighbor and shop in bulk. Stock up and split your purchases.

Plan ahead of time. Create your own menus for the entire week and cook it at home. You will feel this dinner like a night out and allows you to use what you’ve got.

Cut out the meet. It’s good for your health and fits well on your budget.

Savings without dumping the pump.




With gas prices rising higher, it is becoming difficult to drive a car. But for most of the people, car is a necessity. They use it for various purposes, like going to work, pick up the kids, run errands, and go on interviews. You can refinance on your auto payments and save at least $60 per month and get lower interest rates. The money you save by refinancing your auto loan can be used for anything from gas to groceries or create a savings account that allows you to earn some interests.

Home energy savings: If you are able to reduce your utility bills, it means you are able to reduce your utility use. Follow these tips and it will help you saving a lot of money.

  • Take a bite out of your electricity bill by installing a programmable thermostat. Don’t heat or cool an empty house, just program the thermostat to turn on a half hour before you’ll be home.
  • Install a saver switch on utilities such as air conditioning. The switch will cycle the air off and on in short intervals and many people do not notice the difference.
  • Turn off the radio, television and lights when no one is in the room.
  • You can save some money in your water bills also by not wasting water in long showers. Instead, use it for laundry purposes. Even five minutes of time each day can make a lot of difference in the whole month.

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Student Insurance Tips – protecting your financial interests



Many students are not aware of the fact that nowadays all major universities require all their students to be covered by regular insurance before they start attending classes. By not having a health insurance, you will feel helpless if you go through a major illness or injury when you are in a new environment with many different students of all ages and backgrounds.

More and more colleges are offering student insurance tips before the students start attending classes. Anyone can fall ill if they are spending their maximum time in crowded dorms and large lecture halls. International student insurance provides valuable coverage in case of emergency illness or injury while in the school.

Students who go abroad to continue their studies are protected when they purchase a study abroad program. These packages come with many benefits like emergency treatments, hospital stays, surgeries and other facilities that a student needs when he is pursuing his education in a foreign land.

When you are studying abroad, you never know what can happen to you all of a sudden. A trip can quickly be ruined by an accident, illness or other medical emergency situations. By having a student insurance at a very nominal price, you and your parents will have the peace of mind and won’t have to worry about high medical bills and poor services.

Browse through the internet and you will know about many student insurance tips. Purchasing international student insurance is the right kind of investment for any college student who is studying abroad. There are many plans with lots of benefits and that too at affordable rates. Many can be purchased online using a credit card.

FX trading account – A must for every new trader




Many people are shifting from their jobs to home business because of making huge money in the latter. These people are trading on the FX currency market from the comforts of their home. In order to do this business, you should have the right FX trading account. You will find plenty of broker accounts on the internet and thousands of websites in your search results. Here are a few tips in searching for the right FX trading account?

Registration: You must search the Forex brokers thoroughly. They should be registered with the Futures Commission Merchant and a member of the National Futures Associates. Don’t deposit your money with some company who is new in this business and not properly registered. Your money will be lost overnight.

Cost: Forex brokers make their money through currency pair spreads. The spreads is between 1 to 3 pips for the top traded currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY. USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, USD/CAD. Few brokers charge a small fee per trade. There are firms offering managed forex accounts who will do trades for you. They will charge around 30% of your trade profits plus a per transaction fee. Search for the company offering a fair price.

Leverage: After you know your FX trading strategy and practice it, you will want to start out by depositing a small amount of money. You feel like making more money on every single trade. This is done by leverage. You will want the option to leverage your money by 1:10, 1:50, or 1:100. For doing this, you should have the flexibility with the broker account.

Support: Robust customer support is a must in the trading platform. Whenever you face any technical issues, you should be able to reach the customer support by phone, web chat or email.

Practice account: You should start with a practice account before you start your trading. This is an account feature with which you can trade using fake money. When you have your FX trading accounts, make sure that you have this option.

Follow these simple guidelines to find the best FX trading account. Then find an easy to use trading system that will make you a lot of money whenever you trade.

Beginners guide to Option Trading




If you are pursuing your career in stock trading, you should know all about Options Trading. With the help of a Stock Option, you get the rights to trade, which means you are able to sell and buy stocks at a given price and at a given period of time.

In the process of trading, you don’t sell the shares of stocks but just its rights. It can be quite risky because a trader makes a lot of profit from this business. When you start as a beginner, its important for you to know that there are two kinds of options. One is called Puts and the other one is called Calls. A Put option is the contract that gives the owner the right, but not the obligation to trade a stock at a price before the agreed time expires. A Call option gives the holder or bearer the right to buy stocks.

Options trading guide is also called Derivative guide since the value, which is based on an underlying stock or equity, that is to be traded is derived from something else. The index option in it works pretty well like the stock option that the derivative is also an index. It requires a contract because the Options are securities like stocks or bonds.

Beginners should also know that there are 4 participants in Options trading namely the buyers or holders for Calls and Puts and the sellers or writers of the Calls and Puts. It is important for you to know the difference between options and Stocks. Both are similar in many ways because they both have buyers who is bidding and sellers who is making offers. Both can undergo the process of buying and selling like any other form of security. The only difference between them is Options are derivatives that has an expiration date while stocks do not have limitations.

How can one liquidate his Option? You can do so through closing buy, closing sell or abandonment and exercising. The right time to liquidate is when the premium that is left costs lesser than the costs of the whole transaction.

Don’t feel lost amidst all the Options. Do a proper research and use the tools that will help to analyze the market behavior and think sensibly on what to do if there is a movement. Stock market is a very volatile market. Prices of shares of stocks keep on changing every now and then. With the help of Options trading, you can make your profits even if the market is fluctuating on a regular basis.