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Emergency Cash Loans

cash loans

cash loans

Help for those with Bad Credit History:

Many people struggle with Bad Credit History in their adult lifes and often its difficult not to when times are touch trying to make ends meet. It can be so easy getting yourself into Bad Credit. Simply missing a payment or not making the payment on time could affect your credit rating. Sometimes there will be a need to pay those unexpected bills or for that emergency car or boiler repairs. This is where Emergency Cash Loans can help.

An Emergency Cash Loan can help those suffering from bad credit. All that is required is that you are over 18 years old and have some form of income and are UK resident. Applying for a Cash Loan online is very fast and simple and only takes a few minutes. The other benefit is that these cash loans can offer you access to the money in your account the very same day and quite often within the hour after applying for your loan. This is a real help when you need the funds in emergency situations.

If you have suffered from Bad Credit in the past because you’ve been unable to make the payments then these loans might not be for you and you may be better off getting a credit card for bad credit or by making other sacrifices to help you manage your finances better. As long as you can make the repayment on time when you next get paid then a Emergency Cash Loan can help you rebuild your credit history.

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Top Gold Bullion Coins for Investing



Gold bullion coins are a very popular investment amongst savvy investors. Analysts predict that the price of gold coins should continue to rise in due to global economic and political instability. Gold coins represent a highly convenient way to participate in the current gold bull market, and each coin’s gold content is guaranteed. Here are 2 of the most popular gold bullion coins available for investing:

South African Krugerrands:

The first gold bullion coins made in precise 1-ounce sizes were Krugerrands that could be bought just for the spot gold price and a small markup to cover distribution and manufacturing. Since there is a large supply available, they have a lesser markup than other more newly-minted gold bullion coins.

One-ounce Krugerrands are made with 91.67% fine gold and a weight of 1.0909 troy ounces. The South African Mint distributes them in tubes of 10 or 15 coins in each tube.

Gold bullion coins came into being in 1967 when South Africa started minting Krugerrands. South Africa is the world’s largest supplier of gold. The Krugerrand was critical in helping them market their huge stocks of gold being mined.

Krugerrands revolutionized the gold market by making gold ownership convenient on a smaller scale for the small investor. They provided one ounce of gold that was simple to buy and sell worldwide. Afterwards, many other countries followed South Africa’s example and minted their own gold bullion coins.

American Gold Eagles:

The U.S. Mint’s American gold eagles are the most popular gold bullion coins in America today, accounting for in excess of 80% of the physical gold bullion market. These highly successful gold bullion coins are very easy to buy and sell at favorable price spreads. They are also very convenient to store because they are issued in tubes that save space, as opposed to the more awkward packaging that many other country’s gold bullion coins arrive in.

They are minted with 91.7% pure gold and come in various sizes. Some of the sizes may present a good opportunity for collectors due to their scarcity. A powerful after-market has developed for these coins, as many collectors seek to complete sets going back to the mid 80’s.

Eagles are also available for larger purchases in sealed plastic boxes that weigh about 40 pounds each. Each box holds 500 ounces of gold, with the coins coming packed tightly in sealed U.S. Treasury tubes.

American gold eagles bear a modified design of the one created by Augustus St. Gaudens, which the old $20 U.S. gold coins displayed.

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