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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Accepting credit cards and how it will improve your business

Posted by admin on November 22, 2011



It might sound like a scary experience when you want to start your own business in this competitive market. It is very important to withstand the competition especially during these unsure economic times; otherwise you will lose possible sales opportunities. One of the most important decisions to make while developing a business plan is the mode of payment. One of the wisest ways is to accept credit cards as it is typically the most convenient option. You will hardly find any stores these days that do not accept credit cards. This is because they understand that revenues will be lost if they only accept cash.

Many small businesses believe that accepting credit cards can be too time consuming and expensive. Those customers who mainly use credit cards for their purchases find it to be a very convenient method of payment. You just have to invest a little time and eat a small amount of fees to provide this service to your customers. Ultimately, the revenues you gain will far outweigh the fees of accepting credit cards.

The first step will be to apply for a merchant account so that you are able to accept credit card payments at your business. The application process is very simple. You just need to give your business name, address and the tax identification number. Your account will be opened within a week and then you will be able to accept credit card customers.

Once your merchant account is approved, you will receive all kinds of marketing information through which you can display major credit card logos. You can display it on your cash registers, at the doors of your business, in business brochures and on your website. This will increase your sales as customers will appreciate this mode of payment by a credit card instead of cash. You will see the difference in a month of accepting credit card transactions as it will be the most comfortable way of payment and it is enough to sign a receipt. The customer’s don’t need to carry cash for their purchases.

It is not only convenient for the customers but also for the business owners as the companies that manage your merchant account will provide you with an online gateway to manage your account and send you copies of your monthly statements in the mail. You can also download these copies online and save time.

Opening a merchant account will increase the potential base of customers as it offers one of the most common payment options. It will make customers happy as they will not have to carry a large amount of cash on them when shopping at your store as well as take a burden off of you, the business owner, as it will decrease the amount of cash you lug to the bank to deposit.

Business credit cards

Posted by admin on January 24, 2011



It is always true that whether your small business is small or large you will want the best business credit cards available in the market. The best bank card for a small business shouldn’t have a fee. This is really not required and quite a few fees-based cards are being refused favoring instead offers that don’t command any fees.

You would definitely want the business credit cards to have the incentives plan. Even companies are in need of bank card that can provide good incentives plan. This is can incorporate discounts in eating establishments, travel as well as business related charges.

While you are looking for the best business credit card you will have to be sure you go through the fine print along with everything else that comes with the offer. Because there are several individual credit cards in regards to providing bonuses like zero percent APR. Verify just how long you will get any bonuses in advance of figuring out if you want this particular card.

It is an excellent idea to do your own research in terms of which business card company is better than the other and then go for the best accordingly. Discover precisely what bank card you are going for after your research or any recommended by any company. Will it provide you with enough incentives to stick with this particular bank card or perhaps you are thinking about finding alternatives?

Often the distributors you do business with each and every day will definitely analyze your credit history and then they will conclude if you’re a good candidate for credit. Yet one more way of locating the optimal credit card deals is to always keep your company in very good financial condition.

Once you start paying your bills within due date, you would realize in coming days that you are being reported with good credit that makes your good credit record. They are going to report your good credit standing to the main credit reporting agencies and you stand the chance of being offered a better deal on a card than if you are not as committed.

If you have a business partners then make sure that they are just as focused as you happen to be to attempting to keep everything in line in addition to ensuring that your corporate credit rating is in top condition. This is crucial if you plan on being offered the best business credit cards available.

Since lots of business owners typically acquire business loans for start-up, retiring this debt ought to be a goal. This will let everyone realize that your company is solvent and functioning since you paid off your loan.

In Australia Bankwest Credit Cards offers a range of personal and business credit cards with competitive interest rates.

What Is The Best Rewards Credit Card?

Posted by admin on November 4, 2010

The following is a guest post by Nicole Sanchez of

Finding the right rewards credit card is no easy task. There are literally hundreds to choose from. To further complicate matters, you’re not always comparing apples to apples since they all have different programs that give points, cash back, and miles. So to save you some legwork, I’ll go over my picks for the best reward cards in each category.

Best For Cash Back – Chase Freedom Card
If you are looking for a card that gives simple cash back, then you can’t go wrong with the no annual fee Chase Freedom card. Review it yourself to see why. It gives 5% in categories that rotate four times per years plus 1% cash back on everything else. Read my Chase Freedom card review to find out more.

Best For Airline – Escape by Discover Card
The Escape card is a no-nonsense way to earn airline miles. For a low $60 annual fee you get 2 airline miles for every dollar spend. Those miles can then be spent on any travel purchase you like, at a conversion rate of $0.01 per 1 mile… so basically this credit card is giving you 2% in rewards on all your purchases!

Best For Hotels – Starwood American Express Card
The Starwood American Express really has a unique rewards program. Why? Because it’s the only card that I know of that allows you to either use your points for stays at Starwood hotels – or – you can convert them to over 30 partner airlines, usually on a 1:1 basis. This makes the Starwood AmEx an extremely versatile choice whether you stay at their hotels or not. The annual fee is a low $65, which is quite reasonable when you consider the benefits. To find out more check out my Starwood American Express review.

There are hundreds of reward cards but in reality, only a handful are even worth considering. I’ve listed three of the top contenders above, but I encourage you to read other credit card reviews to see if there are any others that may be a better choice for you.

What to Look for in a Bad Credit Card

Posted by admin on October 23, 2010



This guest post was written by Liz C. You can find more of her work at FindSecuredCards, a bad credit cards site.

When you’re in desperate need to get a new credit card, especially when you have bad credit, you’re going to find that there’s a huge selection out there that you can choose from. To help you better understand what these cards are about, I wanted to give you some pointers on how you can pick out the best one for your wallet.

5 tips to use when looking for a bad credit credit card:

The fees: Unfortunately, when you have bad credit, you’re going to find that you’re more than likely going to pay fees. The best card to choose when it comes to fees is one that is going to have a onetime fee. If you go with an annual fee, make sure you read the fine print.

Major logo: Always make sure that you get a card that has a major logo such as Visa, and Mastercard. Without these major logos, you will find that a lot of these companies won’t be able to accept your card.

Build your credit: The important part about credit cards is that you’re going to find out that you will want to build your credit. Make sure that you check with the credit card company that you’re apply with to ensure that the card is going to help build your credit.

Reviews: The Internet is a massive place, and what you will want to do is search out the card that you want to apply for. Keep in mind that there will always be negative press about it, so make sure that you take those comments with a grain of salt.

The fine print: Make sure you always read the fine print, because you may find that they will come around, and bit you in the butt. What you don’t want to happen is that you sign up for a card, and surprise charges start
hitting you left, and right.

By following these 5 steps, you should be able to get yourself a great card. Trust me, there are a lot of them out there, so be sure to compare a few, before you set out and sign up with one.