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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Istanbul property ranked as top investment

Posted by admin on December 17, 2012

Istanbul has been emerging as the best city in Europe for property investment. There are massive surveys held on European investors, fund managers and other real estate professionals to gauge sentiment, and Istanbul was ranked first for new acquisition opportunities, development opportunities and second for existing property performance. As per the reports, Istanbul is a city of great investment potential and all investors felt very confident about the market here.

Istanbul property

Istanbul property

Istanbul is not only the city with the fastest growing population, but it is also considered as the fastest growing city economically, with a 7% GDP growth and 10% employment growth. There is also a substantial growth in the industrial sector and commercial property sector, especially retail and office sectors.

Istanbul is also famous for its well known culture and that’s why many investors find an opportunity to buy property and benefit from the strongly predicted future capital growth.

If you are looking to invest your money in the property market, this is the right place as you will find a combination of low price, rapid economic growth, high liquidity and low interest rates. That’s why it is very high in demand amongst the local buyers and people from around the world.

Turkish economy is in good fiscal condition and the economy is growing very fast here. It is said to be the best investment place in Europe and stands at the top in any kind of competition.

Many people also feel interested in buying property in Istanbul because of the massive tourism industry and having a very high potential for future growth. No matter, real estate business around the world is going through its ups and downs, Istanbul real estate has always been the center of attraction for many people.

Top Gold Bullion Coins for Investing

Posted by admin on April 4, 2012



Gold bullion coins are a very popular investment amongst savvy investors. Analysts predict that the price of gold coins should continue to rise in due to global economic and political instability. Gold coins represent a highly convenient way to participate in the current gold bull market, and each coin’s gold content is guaranteed. Here are 2 of the most popular gold bullion coins available for investing:

South African Krugerrands:

The first gold bullion coins made in precise 1-ounce sizes were Krugerrands that could be bought just for the spot gold price and a small markup to cover distribution and manufacturing. Since there is a large supply available, they have a lesser markup than other more newly-minted gold bullion coins.

One-ounce Krugerrands are made with 91.67% fine gold and a weight of 1.0909 troy ounces. The South African Mint distributes them in tubes of 10 or 15 coins in each tube.

Gold bullion coins came into being in 1967 when South Africa started minting Krugerrands. South Africa is the world’s largest supplier of gold. The Krugerrand was critical in helping them market their huge stocks of gold being mined.

Krugerrands revolutionized the gold market by making gold ownership convenient on a smaller scale for the small investor. They provided one ounce of gold that was simple to buy and sell worldwide. Afterwards, many other countries followed South Africa’s example and minted their own gold bullion coins.

American Gold Eagles:

The U.S. Mint’s American gold eagles are the most popular gold bullion coins in America today, accounting for in excess of 80% of the physical gold bullion market. These highly successful gold bullion coins are very easy to buy and sell at favorable price spreads. They are also very convenient to store because they are issued in tubes that save space, as opposed to the more awkward packaging that many other country’s gold bullion coins arrive in.

They are minted with 91.7% pure gold and come in various sizes. Some of the sizes may present a good opportunity for collectors due to their scarcity. A powerful after-market has developed for these coins, as many collectors seek to complete sets going back to the mid 80’s.

Eagles are also available for larger purchases in sealed plastic boxes that weigh about 40 pounds each. Each box holds 500 ounces of gold, with the coins coming packed tightly in sealed U.S. Treasury tubes.

American gold eagles bear a modified design of the one created by Augustus St. Gaudens, which the old $20 U.S. gold coins displayed.

More info:

Even Long-Term Investors Can Benefit from Short-Term Technical Analysis

Posted by admin on July 7, 2011



Many long-term, “buy-and-hold” investors often scoff at those that rely upon technical analysis and the benefits that these methods purport to produce. Academic studies tend to refute these benefits, but the active trading profession would not persist as long as it has if price arbitrage opportunities in our trading markets were not available for the taking. Analyzing previous pricing behavior can produce predictive models that yield better than a “50/50” result when applied appropriately in trending markets. The art form depends on selecting your most opportune moments and applying a disciplined approach to all actions taken.

Technical Analysis, or “TA” for short, has been with us for hundreds of years. It relies on three simple principles as the foundation of its research studies:

1) Price is the ultimate measure of all known information and its impact on supply and demand forces in the market;
2) Pricing behavior tends to move in trends;
3) Historical pricing patterns tend to repeat themselves.

To the regret of many politicians and government officials the world over, all market prices fluctuate, sometimes second-by-second, seemingly replicating the ebbs and flows apparent in nature when various forces interact. This “volatility” is the basis for the trading profession, because without volatility, there would be no apparent trading opportunities to leverage for profit. From these basic assumptions, “TA” has evolved in complexity over time, but today’s technology and software tools instantly do all the heavy computational work, leaving adequate time for interpretation, strategy development, and eventual execution of a trading plan.

TA is flexible and can be effectively used in all trading markets, but its uses are easily apparent in the world of foreign exchange where the average forex platform provided by industry brokers is a sophisticated example of how far the art form has progressed. Technical indicators abound, and other software can help with pattern recognition that may produce potential trading set ups. There are also alerting services that use TA to broadcast signals to their user groups, leaving much of the tedious research effort to computers and freeing up a trader’s time to focus primarily on execution strategies.

Long-term investors tend to rely more on fundamental analysis, much like a banker that reviews credit information for small business loans. Much of this focus tends to be on prior financial statements and economic reports on the respective sector of a selected company’s involvement. Care is given to screening for undervalued securities, but little care is given to the current “technical” state of the company’s stock pricing charts. Technical analysts, or “chartists”, can quickly assess if an anticipated entry point is optimal from a market perspective, similarly to a business cycle not favoring small business loans. Timing the market is not the objective, but preventing an entry at an overbought level can produce immediate benefits that do last for the security’s holding period.

Long-term investors would be wise to leverage TA benefits when entering any market.

Investing in real estate is all about timing

Posted by admin on August 18, 2009



The best way to make a fortune is by investing in the real estate market. You will always notice that rich people are doing this kind of investment in most cases and this has actually triggered the desire among the common masses to try and follow their footsteps. You may be thinking of building up a very beautiful and affordable apartment for yourself but after having seen the apartments of others in that area of its kind will turn down your feelings. People will not buy a home if they really do not need it whatsoever. As an investor, you might be able to make some money by selling that home but if you had placed your home in some other area where your property could have looked one of its kind, you would have earned more.

Most of the investors fail to make good amount of money while selling their homes because of their placing their projects in those areas where there is no market, or there isn’t any left for them to cater to. Rich investors have been able to get more success in this field because of their launching their projects in the right time when there is more demand. Do a thorough research while selling your property and keep an eye out for certain events. These are some crucial factors that will give you a go signal for putting your plans into action, and that’s what true investment in real estate is all about.

Timing is very important when you are selling your property in a certain area. For example, if there has been a rapid increase in the job opportunities in a certain area, more and more people will be coming to that place looking for work. The first important thing that they will be looking for is a place to stay, like an apartment or a house. This is the perfect time to sell your property and make big profits.

When people have starting living in a new area, the next thing that they will need the most is a convenience store or a mall from where they can purchase items of daily needs. Opening of a theme park can also make a spike in the real estate market, as it does have the tendency to attract thousands of people wanting to be near it.

You’re definitely not in direct competition with those guys, since you’re selling their market something different (win-win situation). Now all of it may take time before it comes into play, that’s why it’s important that you be patient. By taking your time, analyzing, and waiting for the right time to act, you’ll be sure to make a fortune. Investing in real estate isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but a get rich sure one.