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Istanbul property ranked as top investment

Istanbul has been emerging as the best city in Europe for property investment. There are massive surveys held on European investors, fund managers and other real estate professionals to gauge sentiment, and Istanbul was ranked first for new acquisition opportunities, development opportunities and second for existing property performance. As per the reports, Istanbul is a city of great investment potential and all investors felt very confident about the market here.

Istanbul property

Istanbul property

Istanbul is not only the city with the fastest growing population, but it is also considered as the fastest growing city economically, with a 7% GDP growth and 10% employment growth. There is also a substantial growth in the industrial sector and commercial property sector, especially retail and office sectors.

Istanbul is also famous for its well known culture and that’s why many investors find an opportunity to buy property and benefit from the strongly predicted future capital growth.

If you are looking to invest your money in the property market, this is the right place as you will find a combination of low price, rapid economic growth, high liquidity and low interest rates. That’s why it is very high in demand amongst the local buyers and people from around the world.

Turkish economy is in good fiscal condition and the economy is growing very fast here. It is said to be the best investment place in Europe and stands at the top in any kind of competition.

Many people also feel interested in buying property in Istanbul because of the massive tourism industry and having a very high potential for future growth. No matter, real estate business around the world is going through its ups and downs, Istanbul real estate has always been the center of attraction for many people.