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How to find profitable storage unit auctions

In today’s economy, homes are not the only assets that are foreclosed. A lot of people are losing their storage units. When bills of the storage units are not paid, the contents in the storage unit are auctioned off. The storage company is able to recover the dues and the buyer gets to keep the contents available in that storage unit. If luck favors, then the buyer will get treasure otherwise junk. People who have got thousands of dollars in an auction of storage unit sold the goods back in just a few hundreds.

Storage unit auctions are a good way to make some quick money part time. You can easily buy an entire storage unit for pennies on the dollar and sell them on Ebay or in a flea market. This way, you can spend more time buying your items at the auction and don’t have to spend too much time listing and shipping your items for resale.

The best way to search any storage unit action is to look online. Just do a google search for storage unit auctions with your city name and you will quickly find a list of places to start. Many companies that auction contents of storage units have websites and listings of upcoming auctions.

You can also find out storage unit auctions in the newspaper. Look in the legal notices section in the newspaper advertising about storage unit auctions. The reason for this kind of auctions showing in the legal section is because the storage company will need to go to the court and file a lien against the storage unit before the contents can be put in an auction.

Another place to look for storage unit auctions is from the storage company itself. It will often maintain a mailing list of upcoming auctions. Another thing you can do is to pick the phone book and call the auction houses to see if they do storage unit auctions. If they do, give your name to be put in the mailing list.