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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

How is Personal Loan EMI calculated?

Posted by admin on June 18, 2019

It’s quite normal for most of us to have a tough time balancing our current needs and future plans. Have you experienced anything of this sort before? Is the ‘demon’ called ‘fund crunch’ coming in as an obstacle to fulfilling your dreams?

No, you do not need to feel bad about it! As I said, it happens to the most! Rather, please be informed that you have the power to ‘slay’ this demon nowadays, courtesy, personal loans!

A personal loan can do the perfect balancing work between your current needs and future plans. All you need to do is to avail a personal loan, fulfill your immediate or urgent needs and then repay the loan in easy installments without putting any stress on your regular budget.

The EMI is the calculated monthly sum that needs to be paid by the borrower to the lender, on a fixed date every month, over a proposed time period. The amount is evaluated with the purpose of paying off both the principal amount and the interest on it.

Have You Used the Calculator Yet?

The loan calculator is a tool that helps a borrower to plan out a detailed chart of the expenses associated with a personal loan. It usually calculates three main things, the EMI, the amortization table and the breakup. These three things, in combination, help to create a transparent picture in front of a potential borrower and makes him take an informed decision about his affordability for that particular personal loan.

EMI- This is the basic and most critical result of the calculation. This calculation provides an accurate answer to how much amount a borrower needs to pay monthly to the lender, after considering the interest accrued. With this information in hand, the borrower can gauge whether he can repay the amount during the scheduled period, or he needs to alter the loan amount or the time period.

Amortization Table: With this computation, the calculator presents the advancement of the loan with the increase in the time period in the form of a chart. It basically tells how much a person would have paid back to the lender by the end of the year. Also, it clarifies all the doubts related to interest rates for the initial loan EMI and the principal amount.

The breakup – This includes the various parameters on which the final amount of EMI is calculated for a given month. It highlights the principal amount,interest rate, processing fee, and other parameters involved in the process.

Do you know the calculation method?

The loan calculator brings futuristic and detailed information about the money borrowed by an individual and the money to be repaid at different stages of the loan tenure. The simple formula used is

E = P * r * (1+r)^n/((1+r)^n – 1)

  1. Where E is the amount to be paid on a fixed date every month;
  2. P is the sum borrowed by an individual
  3. ‘r’ is the interest rate applicable, which is calculated on a monthly basis rather than the annual interest rate. This is calculated by using the formula r = (annual interest/12) * 100.
  4. ‘n’ stands for the personal loan tenure in months. For example, 60 months is written instead of 5 years.

Do you know how to use the calculator?

Really, it is very easy. With just few clicks on your mouse, you can crunch the numbers easily. You need to input certain variables into it before it displays the final result for you. Some Personal loan calculator also brings forth Amortization schedule, it will help you know how much you are paying as interest component and how much you are paying as principle. 

a) Loan amount

This is the amount you look to borrow and the entire interest component is calculated from this amount. The higher is your personal loan amount, the more you need to pay every month. You need to enter the loan amount in the appropriate space provided in the calculator.

b) Loan tenure

This is the time period within which you can choose to repay your loan amount. Most lenders often specify a range and you need to choose a tenure inside that range in order to repay your loan. This tenure may go up to 5 years in case of a personal loan. The longer is your loan tenure, the more will be the interest amount you need to pay. This will eventually increase your Emi outflow too. Therefore, you need to select a loan tenure so that your personal loan Emi remains in the affordable range. If after putting a particular tenure, the installment amount is found to be beyond your affordable range, you can input a lower tenure and try again, till you can make it affordable.

c) Interest Rate

It is the agreed rate at which the lender will levy interest on the personal loan amount borrowed by you. These interest rates vary as per the loan amount, credit profile of the borrowers and also from lender to lender. Hence, it is highly imperative for you to compare the interest rates offered by different lenders before making a final decision. The online platform of provides useful comparative insights and makes your task easier in this regard.


Make use of personal loan calculator, it allows you to know the exact amount you need to pay every month towards as loan installment. By computing it in advance, you can save yourself from straining yourself financially and also from financial distress.You can plan your expenditures and savings easily.

While using the calculator for loan, you are at absolute liberty to try out your own permutations and combinations regarding tenure, loan amount and interest rates. Surely, you can make your own informed decisions regarding the best personal loan, as per your specific need and affordability.

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