How to Choose a Start-Up Accountant

One of the first things to think about when you’re starting your own business is hiring a good accountant. Whether you’ve always been an employee or this is your first business venture, doing all your own finances can be scary. It makes sense to hire outside expertise for a task that is central to your business success. So what should you be looking for in a good accountant?



  • A Good Rate

When it comes to accountancy, picking one based on their rate may not be the best idea. What matters more are the services they offer – will they work hard to save you money wherever they can? Get a few quotes from accountants in your area to get an idea of the average price you’ll need to pay and go from there. An accountant is meant to save you money, so even if they aren’t the cheapest they may work out to be the best deal for you in the long term.

  • Relevant Experience

Does the accountant have experience in your business sector? Accountancy may seem like a totally general task, but having knowledge and experience specific to what you do can be a great advantage. Especially when it comes to things like online businesses that are relatively new, an accountant that’s up to date with all the developments in your sector can be a good asset to have.

  • Other Services

You might want an accountant to help you with your tax return, but what about the other services they offer. If you hire an employee you may need help with your payroll for example, so try to find someone who can offer more services as your business grows.

  • Technology

Many accountants now offer online services, allowing you to upload your business accounts over the internet directly to them. This means that they can give you advice much faster and there’s a lot less paperwork involved. It also means that the whole process costs less, and they may be able to pass the savings onto you. It’s a good idea to ask if your accountant is on-board with the latest technologies.

  • Setting Up Your Business

Whatever your start-up does, getting a good accountant involved from day one can mean your business is set up properly and you’re paying the right amount of taxes straight away. A good accountant can help with cash flow and offer business advice, so keep the points above in mind when deciding who to hire.

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