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How will I know if I am being garnished?

It is quite an unpleasant moment to deal with when you see your paycheck getting garnished for one of your past unpaid debt. Creditors often use this strategy to recover the outstanding debt from the consumer.

wage garnishment

wage garnishment

As per the laws in most of the states, a creditor can garnish your wages in between 10% to 25% of your disposable income. As per the Missouri state laws, if you are the head of the family, 10% of your wages will be garnished, whereas in Illinois, 15% of your paycheck can be taken away. It does not matter whether you are the head of the household or not.

Are you scared of being garnished for a past debt? Usually the creditor will attempt every possible ways to recover the outstanding debt from the borrower. They are not willing to wait if the debt is of a high amount. There is no set time or amount for a creditor to sue you if its about collecting the unpaid debt. However, it does take time and effort to do so.

If a creditor is threatening legal actions, then he must follow the procedures. They have to go through proper channels before trying to take you to the court. First they have to file a class action law suit against you in regards to the debt. They will try to prove in the court that you owe them a certain amount and get a judgment against you. Once an order is filed in the court, your employer will be contacted and you are on the way of getting garnished. This might be a routine practice for many creditors and a garnishment may appear on your check much before you expected.

There is a time limit for every garnishment to take place. Many creditors try to renew the garnishment until they are able to recover the full balance from the consumer. Because of this, many consumers will be forced to give away a portion of their paycheck for an indefinite period of time. Its quite embarrassing to deal with a garnishment, because it weakens your mental condition and you are not able to properly support and protect your family.

Now, the question is how to stop a possible judgment from taking place? The answer to this question is that if you are on the verge of getting sued by your creditors, then you may want to consider bankruptcy as an option. Once you file for bankruptcy, all legal actions will be stopped and you will be able to pull yourself back to normal life and support your family. This may be the best option to get you and your family out of this overwhelming debt. A bankruptcy can also stop a possible repossession or foreclosure. Basically, it will stop a creditor from taking any actions against you. Before you consider filing for bankruptcy, make sure that you have researched all your options thoroughly.

If its about getting out of debts, there are some serious and tough decisions to be made. Browse through the internet, read as many articles, blogs and bankruptcy FAQ and acquire good knowledge. You can also take free consultation from the professional attorneys in your area who will guide you in the right direction.

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Trading Binary Options on the Weekends




Binary options have gained strong grounds in the world of finance over the past few years. Though it has been a known entity for quite some time, recent advances in the cyber world have had it in the spotlight. It is basically a trade which falls into the ‘all or none’ category. You either don’t get paid at all or you earn yourself a fixed amount. Several agencies offer Binary options trading in the vast world of internet so that people may trade right from their home and earn cash easily. It is however mandatory to settle for the genuine offers because like everything that’s trendy these days, binary options have also fallen victim to spam and almost 40% of the search results on any powered search engine are nothing but a proof of it.

How to Trade Binary Options effectively?

If not carried out properly, the Binary Options business will do you more harm than good. You will end up emptying your pockets completely and possibly owing someone more than just a few bucks. In order to avoid this uncomfortable and embarrassing situation, it is necessary to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Keep a good eye on the trading graphs. This will give you a general idea about the prevailing market trends and will help you decide the best trades to invest in. Make sure you know what’s in demand before getting all excited and trading.
  2. Do not push it too hard. If you get a trade option that allows you an early closure with a potentially good profit, don’t hesitate to accept it.
  3. If you choose a comparatively lengthy trade, do not invest all your attention towards it. Keep on trading small binary options to make sure that you stay tuned about what’s going on and how best to manage the sudden unexpected changes.
  4. Don’t act impulsively. If you become overwhelmed by a sudden surge of adrenaline, you are likely to forget logic and act on pure emotions; a devastating act in the world of trading.

Why trade on weekends?

Drastic changes in the trading graphs are usually encountered on weekends when several customers and sellers choose to indulge in trading. You have a better chance of encountering a suitable trade and closing off an ideal deal there. It is however necessary that you remain alert to the sudden alterations that might target the market statistics, to save yourself from undue trouble.

The Future of Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Recent economic and social trends have many insurance analysts speculating about what the remainder of 2013 and the years ahead may hold for the insurance industry. Indeed, it is said that the insurance landscape has already significantly changed and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. What can be seen here are a few interesting trends. For example, certain policies such as commercial office insurance are much easier to find than ever before while the premiums of other types of specialised policies may actually be decreasing. Examples of some of these more “tailor-made” platforms can include:

• cleaning insurance
• photographer insurance
• architects insurance
• retail insurance
• surgery insurance

Why, then is this industry facing such profound changes?

One of the major factors affecting premium prices is the current state of the economy. Larger regions such as the United States and the European Union. Therefore, the underwriting for many of the more common policies such as fleet car insurance, commercial office insurance and motor trade insurance may actually increase. This movement can be counteracted by shopping around, and therefore the business may actualy save money as opposed to paying more.

Additionally, there are more customised policies now than ever before due to the increased specialisation of many industries. Thus, companies can now encounter such coverage as office contents insurance, shop insurance or motor fleet insurance. The benefit here is that the businessman now has the ability to compare and contrast between different policies in hopes of finding the best rate possible.

Another factor that is important to mention is the the number of businesses that purchase policies is decreasing. This is due to both economic conditions as well as the simple fact that many businesses may be unaware of what policy best suits their needs. For example, the owner of a large delivery company may be unaware that motor fleet insurance is an option or that cheap shop insurance quotes can be found online. However, as more businesses become tech-savvy, it is predicted that these policies will achieve greater exposure.

Another important trend is that an increasing number of individuals are now working from home. As homeowners insurance may not cover such operations, it is now advised to look into obtaining an office insurance quote to help protect against any unforeseen circumstances that may arise from a home-based business. Nonetheless, as we have seen, the birth of businesses from home directly correlates with increased access to the internet. This is perhaps the greatest change that the insurance industry has seen.

The internet now provides the public with a very efficient way to search for and obtain policy quotes. There are numerous types of policies that can be found a the click of a button and will include some of the aforementioned sectors as well as some of the more geenralised areas common in numerous industries. Some examples can be:

• Fleet insurance
• Photographers insurance
• Cleaning insurance
• Architects insurance
• Office insurance
• Shop insurance
• Surgery insurance
• Motor trade insurance

The principle here is quite simple; the more policies and providers that are available, the better the chances of receiving a cost-effective quote. This may seem to go against the notion of supply and demand, but the simple fact is that insurance companies have also been stricken by the economic downturn and need to increase their revenue into the future by making their services more attractive.

Thus, with this changing landscape comes the necessity for businesses to adapt and take advantage of the numerous methods to cut the cost of premiums while retaining adequate levels of coverage. Whether one is looking for the best price for commercial office insurance or hoping to find a fleet van insurance policy, finding the most relevant provider can be quick and easy.

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What is Binary Trading all about

Binary trading

Binary trading

Binary options are new way of options trading. It is getting popular every day with its simplicity and immediate returns. It has great potential of providing extraordinary profits to the investors. But new investors should also be aware of the fact that high profit means there involves high risk factor. There is every chance of failure if you are not having adequate knowledge and guidance. But it dosen’t mean that you should be too worried to invest here. General people can easily invest in binary options with proper knowledge. There are many good websites regarding binary options trading. Here you can easily get good articles and then research a bit with your own merit. All these small things will make you a good option trader.

What is binary trading? The main theory of binary options trading is predicting the value of the asset after a limited period of time. It is based on the two possible outcomes, “Up” or “Down”. The terminology of Binary option trading is very important for you to know. Two of them are “call” and “put”. For higher market you need to buy a “call” and for lower market you need to buy a “put”. It can be dealt in stock market indices, foreign exchanges, commodities etc.

Types of Binary Options

Different types of binary options are there for trading. Traders choose different types of binary option for their suitability. It depends on the current market and trends of the market. Choosing the best suited method for you needs good study and experience. Here are 4 types which are well known:

  1. UP/DOWN Option and the CALL/PUT Option
  3. 60 Second Option
  4. Boundary Options

For a new investor, if you think you have proper knowledge and idea on this popular trading option then it is the right time for you to go for binary option trading and get success.

You may be confused about the time when you need to trade. Actually there is no specific time to trade. Trade when you feel better. Although there are two key times to trade:

a)      Trading at the time of opening the market

b)      Trading at the time of closing the market

Binary options are modern method of speculation on Forex, stocks, commodities etc. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. You need to research the present market and make a very good strategy to be successful.

Trading Binary Options

To better understand binary options trades, traders need a certain level of understanding on how assets behave and how they can use its behavior to profit from it. First off, we need to define what assets are.



Assets are what you trade in the binary options trading market. Investors will have trade access to a numerous range of assets from the different markets around the globe. For this reason alone, seasoned and novice traders are looking into trading with binary options.

Factors to Consider when Trading Binary Options

To effectively trade digital options, there are several factors to consider which could cause movements in asset prices. They are as follows:

  • Earnings Report: Good or bad, earnings report will definitely cause prices to fluctuate. A bad company earnings report may appear as a loss to some. However, if the current loss is lesser than the previous one, then this may be viewed positively by investors. As a result, there may be an increase in the price of that asset. Similarly, good profit earnings reported by a firm may not necessarily be a good thing. If the current profits are lesser than that of the previous ones, then this may reflect as a dismal company performance. Historical data that can be gleaned from Earnings Reports are of a good use in predicting market prices. The only limitation that can be seen from obtaining such as report is that is it seasonal and can be accessed at a prescribed earnings season only.



  • Government Policies: This can impose a positive or negative effect on asset prices. To illustrate, rising tax dues on raw materials for a certain industry can decrease company profit margins. Affected companies may have difficulty in staying competitive against domestic and foreign goods. Similarly, if these tax duties are waived, it can also affect the market profitability of certain industries.
  • Market Sentiments: A bleak assessment of the global economy can result to a bearish market sentiment, with investors not likely to take risks and instead hold on to their cash and sell their shares. A not-so-positive market sentiment may eventually lead to a fall in prices.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: For some, a takeover may pose a threat to their job security. However, in terms of profits, it is meant to improve the competitiveness of companies within its industry and usually have a positive effect, as related to company expansion.

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How to Make Money with Binary Options Signals

Binary options trading are nothing new on the web. Daily a very large number of people engage in this practice. However, the majority of these people are struggling to find out how to actually make money using this from of online trading.

Binary Options

Binary Options

One of the least understood methods of making money while trading binary options is the usage of so-called binary options signals. These signals will help traders copying the actions performed by other professionals in the business.

Read this article in order to find out how to trade binary options using signals.

  • How does it work?

One of the greatest dilemmas in the option trading business is the fact that if someone is not an expert economist, than making money though this form of online trading is extremely difficult. Most people won’t even get to the point of making consistent profits.

  • So, what can people do in order to change this?

The answer is using binary option signals. So-called signal service companies provide signals. These companies are specialized in gathering various high-profile online trading experts and giving normal people the possibility to copy the actions performed by these experts.

This might be strange at the first sight. Why would professional investors and experts allow random people to copy their actions? – It’s very simple: because of profits. It’s because each time a person that has followed an expert makes money, the expert will get a commission.

The great thing is about this is that the signal provider experts will only make money in case the people who followed them will also make money. If the followers lose money, then the expert loses money as well. – This tells a lot about the sincerely and truth behind signal trading.

  • Signal trading software

All what’s described above is being executed by a so-called signal trading software. Each time an expert performs an action, the signal trading software will send a message to the followers telling then to copy the action performed by their followed expert.

This way, followers can react quickly in executing the same trades as the person who they followed has executed.

  • Can you really win?

This all depends on what kind of expert you are following. If you manage to find someone who is extremely skilled, then yes, you can indeed make consistent revenues by following the actions of that expert. Most commonly, you are able to choose between multiple dozen experts based on their trading performance during the past months.

And as explained above, it’s in companies that offer these services interest to only recruit extremely skilled professionals. Every party involved in this business only makes money if the end trader makes money. If the signals provided by an expert will result in followers losing money, then the expert will not make any money at all (in fact, he will be losing money).

Likewise, the company that has developed the signal trading software will also not make any money at all since their subscribers will just cancel their subscriptions if they will not be making any money at all. So, again, it’s in everyone’s interest that normal traders make money.

  • How much does it cost?

The companies that provide the software that executes binary copy trading usually charge different fees. Most commonly, this fee is between $50 and $100 per month. This fee will allow traders to use the software and receive signals from experts.

But people will have to realize that this money is nothing compared to the profits they will be able to gather by following the instructions of these experts. For $100, people will be able to get out 10 times as much in profits if they manage to find a good service provider of this kind and consistently follow the instructions.

  • Final Words

So, as you could have seen, it’s really possible to make money in binary options in case you are not an expert. Subscribing to a signal provider will compensate your lack of skills and will allow you to make money by following the actions performed by experts in this business.

This concept was actually first introduced in the forex business, meaning that is has a long history of success. Unlike binary options, the forex business is old and well established. There, signal trading is a common practice.

In case you wish to find out more about binary options trading and signal trading then we recommend you to read the articles and guides presented by OptionsAdvice. The website has a huge selection of educational material and info related to this form of financial trading.

Best time of trading Binary Options

Many people find trading binary options to be of great interest. If you are not used to this type of thing, then it can sound very confusing to you. But there is always some kind of help available for you.

Binary options trading

Binary options trading

Trading binary options when the market opens : Trading binary options while the market is open can be a lot risky and stressful. Many stock traders feel that the stocks at this period are more active and can change anytime with the drop of a dime. This is a stressful feeling experienced by many digital option brokers and don’t let you trade until a certain time has passed. It can be either 5 minutes before the hour or thirty minutes before it all depends upon what the market is like on that particular day. If you want to see a lot of movement from the digital options then it is a good idea to trade close to the opening, as it will ensure more gains.

When you make a trade and figure out that it is working against you, you can apply a hedging strategy in place. With this kind of strategy, it will completely reverse the negative effects of the trade. But this is good for a few times only as trading is a complex market.

Trading binary options close to the opening of the market will bring more money as you trade, but keep in mind that as quick as you gain, you could always lose.

Trading binary options before the close of the market : If you are willing to wait throughout the day and trade near to the closing of the market, it is always an option available to you. The brokers will allow you to trade till the last hour before the closing. Once the market is nearing its closing time, the digital options could be either very high or very low. Some brokers will always want to trade near the closing time and make a great profit during this time. But this may not happen everyday. It is always best to earn your options and the best time of the day to trade binary options. Binary affiliates program also can help you to find out the best time to trade binary options.

Qatar offers huge business benefits and World Cup football!

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world in respect of per capita income. And as the Persian Gulf state gets ready to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, entrepreneurs across the world are eagerly eyeing the considerable opportunity which the billion-dollar competition represents.



According to figures supplied by the Indian embassy in Qatar, India’s bilateral trade with Qatar increased from $1.2 billion in 2005 to $4.6 billion in 2010. Indian exports to Qatar increased from $380 million to $900 million during this period. Qatar’s exports to India amounted to $3.7 billion in 2010.

India, in particular, enjoys a strengthening economic relationship with Qatar, with trade between the two countries growing annually. Qatar supplies huge amounts of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to India as well as other exports.

Certainly, setting up a business in Qatar brings with it a string of benefits. Added to these is a politically stable environment and a modern, 21st century business banking infrastructure well able to serve the needs of both the small and largest of private enterprises, and great access to personal loans.

India is Qatar’s fourth largest export market after Japan, South Korea and Singapore. In terms of Qatari imports, India ranks tenth, providing the Persian Gulf state with machinery and equipment, transport equipment, textiles, food products, ores and minerals.

The embassy says, “India has signed a long term agreement to purchase 7.5 million tonnes of LNG every year from Qatar; the first shipment took place in 2004. In addition, India has been buying spot cargoes. India also bought 4 million tonnes of crude oil from Qatar in 2011.”

A large number of Indian companies such as L&T, Punj Lloyd, Voltas, Simplex, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Satyam Mahindra, Wipro and NIIT have set up offices in Qatar and have secured major contracts and business. Indian professionals constitute an important component of the half-million-strong expat Indian community.



Indian and other foreign-owned businesses enjoy a great number of concessions from a Qatari government keen to encourage commerce and to diversify the economy away from over-reliance on the country’s huge oil and gas wealth. There have been a number of changes to the law in recent years to allow this to happen and to further enhance the free-market framework operating within the country.

Foreign investors can now enjoy 100%  ownership in a range of business sectors including information technology, consultancy, distribution, and services related to sport, culture and entertainment.

Company set-up specialists KMD Consulting says Qatar offers the business sector all the advantages of a highly developed economy, with infrastructure and services which match the highest international standards, facilitating efficiency, quality and service.

KMD Consulting adds, “The Qatar government’s economic development strategy has been very successful and the investment incentives, infrastructure, banking services, insurances and political and social stability are contributing factors in creating an excellent business climate for business start-ups.”

The business benefits they list include no income tax or social security deductions payable on wages and salaries; no taxation payable on exports and customs duties of 5%;  full repatriation of capital and profits overseas in a foreign currency; a corporate tax rate of 10%;  inexpensive workforce and easy recruitment procedures; high quality offices and residential accommodation; and luxury hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping malls.

Sounds like Qatar is the place to be. Click here for more about starting a business there.

6 Things to Consider When Buying Critical Illness Insurance

1. Who Is Offering the Cover?

Though many banks and building societies will try and sell you critical illness cover when you take out a new mortgage or change your personal circumstances, such organisations may not be able to offer you the best deal. Don’t feel pressured into making a decision on the spot. Shop around and try to find the policy that provides you with the greatest level of protection at the best price. An independent life insurance broker would be the best person to help you shop around and compare quotes.

critical illness insurance

critical illness insurance

Remember any credible organisation that offers critical illness or any form of protection insurance should be authorised by the Financial Services Authority. So make sure any company you place your trust in has the relevant accreditations.

2. Is It Really Critical Illness Insurance That You Need?

If you are looking for an insurance policy that will pay out a cash lump sum if you develop a serious illness or disability then critical illness insurance is the policy for you. However, if you are looking for cover that will provide a regular monthly income to compensate when you are unable to work then an income protection policy will probably be more appropriate.

3. Do You Require Life Cover?

Traditionally critical illness protection does expire on the death of the policyholder, however there a limited number of products that can include a life cover buy back option. Such policies are traditionally more expensive and difficult to manage and it may therefore be more appropriate to take out a separate life policy which may be able to provide greater cover at a lower cost.

4. Do You Already Have Critical Illness Cover?

It may seem strange not to know if you have critical illness insurance, after all who wouldn’t remember taking out such a policy? But many people are provided with protection by their employer as part of their benefits package and without checking the finer detail of your employment contract this may be something that is overlooked.

Before taking out any insurance policy, check the level of cover that is provided by your employer. Even if the terms do not exactly meet your needs, you may be able to adapt the policy or add on extra benefits which can cost you far less than taking out a whole new policy.

5. Have You Disclosed All Relevant Information?

One of the key reasons that critical illness claims are disputed by the provider is because full medical information was not disclosed during the application process. It is a misconception that hiding a previous illness will reduce the cost of critical illness insurance. It may lower the price of the premiums, but they could all be a complete waste if your insurance company refuses to pay out because something was omitted.

6. Changing Your Mind

If you read this and realise that you have just taken out the wrong type of cover for you, then don’t worry. Most Critical Illness policies come with a cooling off period which enables you to cancel the policy without any financial loss. The timing of such a period can fluctuate but is usually 14 days after signing the contract so make sure you act quickly.

Author Bio: David Richardson is an insurance adviser working for who are a UK based independent insurance broker. Visit their website at for further information about critical illness insurance and to compare quotes online.

How to Choose a Start-Up Accountant

One of the first things to think about when you’re starting your own business is hiring a good accountant. Whether you’ve always been an employee or this is your first business venture, doing all your own finances can be scary. It makes sense to hire outside expertise for a task that is central to your business success. So what should you be looking for in a good accountant?



  • A Good Rate

When it comes to accountancy, picking one based on their rate may not be the best idea. What matters more are the services they offer – will they work hard to save you money wherever they can? Get a few quotes from accountants in your area to get an idea of the average price you’ll need to pay and go from there. An accountant is meant to save you money, so even if they aren’t the cheapest they may work out to be the best deal for you in the long term.

  • Relevant Experience

Does the accountant have experience in your business sector? Accountancy may seem like a totally general task, but having knowledge and experience specific to what you do can be a great advantage. Especially when it comes to things like online businesses that are relatively new, an accountant that’s up to date with all the developments in your sector can be a good asset to have.

  • Other Services

You might want an accountant to help you with your tax return, but what about the other services they offer. If you hire an employee you may need help with your payroll for example, so try to find someone who can offer more services as your business grows.

  • Technology

Many accountants now offer online services, allowing you to upload your business accounts over the internet directly to them. This means that they can give you advice much faster and there’s a lot less paperwork involved. It also means that the whole process costs less, and they may be able to pass the savings onto you. It’s a good idea to ask if your accountant is on-board with the latest technologies.

  • Setting Up Your Business

Whatever your start-up does, getting a good accountant involved from day one can mean your business is set up properly and you’re paying the right amount of taxes straight away. A good accountant can help with cash flow and offer business advice, so keep the points above in mind when deciding who to hire.