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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

TraderXP – Binary Options Broker

Posted by admin on March 17, 2016

Unfortunately traderXP is not available anymore. Try IQ Option instead if you are a Trader outside of the European Union. European Traders can trade binary options with

  • Meet TraderXP:

TraderXP is an online broker that has been in operation since 2009. This online broker has been at the center of reports of a Trader XP scam but in reality, TraderXP is a leader in the industry. This online broker operates globally and offers a wide selection of trading options and special features on its innovative trading platform. Despite the negative Trader XP reviews and TraderXP scam reports this online broker is one of the top binary options brokers in the world.

Binary Options

Binary Options

  • Features of the Trading XP Platform:

Trading online with TraderXP is simple, easy and rewarding. The Trader XP platform is web-based so traders do not need to download any software in order to trade with this online broker. The well-designed, easy to use platform enables traders to perform all trading actions on a single page. Traders can easily select trades they wish to place with the options that are available at that time. There is also a list of ‘Hot Assets’ which shows traders some of the best options at any particular time. The simple design of this trading platform appeals to all types of traders – both new and experienced. There are also two trade windows that are available. The Pro Trader window allows traders to monitor 4 different trades at the same time with 15 minute expiry times. The Fast Trader window allows traders to monitor 9 trades with 5 minute expiry times.

  • Trading Options:

One Touch, Option Builder, 60 Second trades and binary options are available at Trader XP. In addition, TraderXP offers a rollover option that enables traders to move the expiry time to a later date and there is also a Double Up feature that allows traders to double their investment. These options can both be very beneficial to trader as Double Up can double profits while rollover can help in preventing losses.

  • Return Percentages and Payout:

Generally the return on investment at Trader XP will range between 65% and 75%. On standard trades the return on investment can be as high as 85% while other trades have even higher yields. For instance, One Touch trades can have returns as high as 500%. In addition, traders will enjoy some extra protection when trading with this online broker. Traders will receive a 5% to 10% refund on their investment in the event of an unsuccessful trade.

  • Available Assets:

There are a total of 53 assets available at TraderXP including stocks, commodities, currency pairs and indices. More specifically, there are 17 stock options, 20 index options, 12 currency pair options and 4 commodity options. Nearly all of the major assets are offered including a selection of global options.

  • Trading Account and Deposit Requirements:

It is free to register for an account at TraderXP however in order to participate in live trading a minimum of $200 must be deposited into the trading account. The currencies that are accepted for deposit are EUR and USD. Traders can use Western Union, credit card, wire transfer or CashU to deposit funds into their account. There is no maximum deposit limit for wire transfers or CashU but there is a $5,000 maximum for credit card deposits and a $10,000 maximum for Western Union deposits.

  • Withdrawal Requirements:

The available withdrawal methods are the same as the available deposit methods and there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $100. There is no limit on the number of withdrawals that can be made per month despite what the reports of TraderXP scams have said. In order to withdraw from a trading account, Trader XP requires proof of identity. This is standard practice and it is used to prevent fraud and identity left. In addition, SSL encryption technology is used to protect the transmission of sensitive financial information.

Binary option trading – Why planning is important

Posted by admin on November 26, 2015

In a financial environment, where volatility rules supreme, it becomes essential to tread the path carefully keeping in mind the possibilities that you might encounter on the way. We know that the financial market is filled with professionals looking forward to earn quick cash. In fact, it won’t be surprising to see a retired or on the verge of retirement individual that is ready to take risks. Why are people readily accepting to take risks even when the markets are volatile at times? The answer is simple. This is because most of the traders are well aware of the following facts –

Binary options

Binary options

  • How much investment they are making
  • The amount they might earn from this investment
  • Most importantly, planning out the securities or assets that they will trade and the ones that they know will yield the best results
  • Knowing the fundamentals before they start trading
  • Weighing the pros and cons prior to taking the plunge

All the above aspects only signify that more and more traders are opting for a planned approach these days, one of the main reasons that they can afford to take the risk involved in trading their favorite securities or assets. In this regard, it won’t be wrong to mention that binary options trading is perhaps the simplest form of trading you can opt for owing to the fact that it is hassle free, will not make you beat around the bush, and will also allow you trade with as little as USD$100.

Since there are many binary brokers or trading platforms operating in the market, it is not always possible to remember the names, the services offered, and other essential features of each and every binary option broker. As such you can always refer to the website and click here for more information on the trading platform and start trading binary options promptly once you are satisfied with the profile of the brokers. The fact that all the hand-held devices these days are equipped with facilities that keep you connected with the rest of the globe round the clock will make it easier for you to look up this website whenever you want to know anything about the binary brokers, the latest developments taking in this market and the like.

More about the binary options and planning

Since binary options are also referred to as “all or nothing” kind of trade, you can ascertain the outcome easily. It is either a loss or a win. If your prediction comes true well within the expiration date/day, you are said to be “in” the trade and if your prediction does not turn out to be true, you are regarded as “out” of the trade, when you lose your investment. So, accordingly, you can plan how much risk you are ready to take. In this regard, in order to enhance your chances of earning good returns, you can always turn to the binary brokers and seek assistance. Also, you will find that there are many brokers that will shell out some money to you as incentive even if your prediction was not right. As far as the brokers that do so, you can go back to the website and find out the names of these brokers.

Helpful resources:

Trading Binary Options on the Weekends

Posted by admin on April 26, 2015




Binary options have gained strong grounds in the world of finance over the past few years. Though it has been a known entity for quite some time, recent advances in the cyber world have had it in the spotlight. It is basically a trade which falls into the ‘all or none’ category. You either don’t get paid at all or you earn yourself a fixed amount. Several agencies offer Binary options trading in the vast world of internet so that people may trade right from their home and earn cash easily. It is however mandatory to settle for the genuine offers because like everything that’s trendy these days, binary options have also fallen victim to spam and almost 40% of the search results on any powered search engine are nothing but a proof of it.

How to Trade Binary Options effectively?

If not carried out properly, the Binary Options business will do you more harm than good. You will end up emptying your pockets completely and possibly owing someone more than just a few bucks. In order to avoid this uncomfortable and embarrassing situation, it is necessary to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Keep a good eye on the trading graphs. This will give you a general idea about the prevailing market trends and will help you decide the best trades to invest in. Make sure you know what’s in demand before getting all excited and trading.
  2. Do not push it too hard. If you get a trade option that allows you an early closure with a potentially good profit, don’t hesitate to accept it.
  3. If you choose a comparatively lengthy trade, do not invest all your attention towards it. Keep on trading small binary options to make sure that you stay tuned about what’s going on and how best to manage the sudden unexpected changes.
  4. Don’t act impulsively. If you become overwhelmed by a sudden surge of adrenaline, you are likely to forget logic and act on pure emotions; a devastating act in the world of trading.

Why trade on weekends?

Drastic changes in the trading graphs are usually encountered on weekends when several customers and sellers choose to indulge in trading. You have a better chance of encountering a suitable trade and closing off an ideal deal there. It is however necessary that you remain alert to the sudden alterations that might target the market statistics, to save yourself from undue trouble.

What is Binary Trading all about

Posted by admin on January 1, 2015

Binary trading

Binary trading

Binary options are new way of options trading. It is getting popular every day with its simplicity and immediate returns. It has great potential of providing extraordinary profits to the investors. But new investors should also be aware of the fact that high profit means there involves high risk factor. There is every chance of failure if you are not having adequate knowledge and guidance. But it dosen’t mean that you should be too worried to invest here. General people can easily invest in binary options with proper knowledge. There are many good websites regarding binary options trading. Here you can easily get good articles and then research a bit with your own merit. All these small things will make you a good option trader.

What is binary trading? The main theory of binary options trading is predicting the value of the asset after a limited period of time. It is based on the two possible outcomes, “Up” or “Down”. The terminology of Binary option trading is very important for you to know. Two of them are “call” and “put”. For higher market you need to buy a “call” and for lower market you need to buy a “put”. It can be dealt in stock market indices, foreign exchanges, commodities etc.

Types of Binary Options

Different types of binary options are there for trading. Traders choose different types of binary option for their suitability. It depends on the current market and trends of the market. Choosing the best suited method for you needs good study and experience. Here are 4 types which are well known:

  1. UP/DOWN Option and the CALL/PUT Option
  3. 60 Second Option
  4. Boundary Options

For a new investor, if you think you have proper knowledge and idea on this popular trading option then it is the right time for you to go for binary option trading and get success.

You may be confused about the time when you need to trade. Actually there is no specific time to trade. Trade when you feel better. Although there are two key times to trade:

a)      Trading at the time of opening the market

b)      Trading at the time of closing the market

Binary options are modern method of speculation on Forex, stocks, commodities etc. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. You need to research the present market and make a very good strategy to be successful.

Trading Binary Options

Posted by admin on September 28, 2013

To better understand binary options trades, traders need a certain level of understanding on how assets behave and how they can use its behavior to profit from it. First off, we need to define what assets are.



Assets are what you trade in the binary options trading market. Investors will have trade access to a numerous range of assets from the different markets around the globe. For this reason alone, seasoned and novice traders are looking into trading with binary options.

Factors to Consider when Trading Binary Options

To effectively trade digital options, there are several factors to consider which could cause movements in asset prices. They are as follows:

  • Earnings Report: Good or bad, earnings report will definitely cause prices to fluctuate. A bad company earnings report may appear as a loss to some. However, if the current loss is lesser than the previous one, then this may be viewed positively by investors. As a result, there may be an increase in the price of that asset. Similarly, good profit earnings reported by a firm may not necessarily be a good thing. If the current profits are lesser than that of the previous ones, then this may reflect as a dismal company performance. Historical data that can be gleaned from Earnings Reports are of a good use in predicting market prices. The only limitation that can be seen from obtaining such as report is that is it seasonal and can be accessed at a prescribed earnings season only.



  • Government Policies: This can impose a positive or negative effect on asset prices. To illustrate, rising tax dues on raw materials for a certain industry can decrease company profit margins. Affected companies may have difficulty in staying competitive against domestic and foreign goods. Similarly, if these tax duties are waived, it can also affect the market profitability of certain industries.
  • Market Sentiments: A bleak assessment of the global economy can result to a bearish market sentiment, with investors not likely to take risks and instead hold on to their cash and sell their shares. A not-so-positive market sentiment may eventually lead to a fall in prices.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: For some, a takeover may pose a threat to their job security. However, in terms of profits, it is meant to improve the competitiveness of companies within its industry and usually have a positive effect, as related to company expansion.

Helpful Resources:

Best time of trading Binary Options

Posted by admin on February 27, 2013

Many people find trading binary options to be of great interest. If you are not used to this type of thing, then it can sound very confusing to you. But there is always some kind of help available for you.

Binary options trading

Binary options trading

Trading binary options when the market opens : Trading binary options while the market is open can be a lot risky and stressful. Many stock traders feel that the stocks at this period are more active and can change anytime with the drop of a dime. This is a stressful feeling experienced by many digital option brokers and don’t let you trade until a certain time has passed. It can be either 5 minutes before the hour or thirty minutes before it all depends upon what the market is like on that particular day. If you want to see a lot of movement from the digital options then it is a good idea to trade close to the opening, as it will ensure more gains.

When you make a trade and figure out that it is working against you, you can apply a hedging strategy in place. With this kind of strategy, it will completely reverse the negative effects of the trade. But this is good for a few times only as trading is a complex market.

Trading binary options close to the opening of the market will bring more money as you trade, but keep in mind that as quick as you gain, you could always lose.

Trading binary options before the close of the market : If you are willing to wait throughout the day and trade near to the closing of the market, it is always an option available to you. The brokers will allow you to trade till the last hour before the closing. Once the market is nearing its closing time, the digital options could be either very high or very low. Some brokers will always want to trade near the closing time and make a great profit during this time. But this may not happen everyday. It is always best to earn your options and the best time of the day to trade binary options. Binary affiliates program also can help you to find out the best time to trade binary options.

The Five Steps to Trading Binary Options

Posted by admin on December 21, 2012

While broker platforms differ to some degree, in general you can place a binary options trade in just 5 quick and easy steps no matter what broker you trade through. The only requirements are that you set up an account and fund it according to the broker’s guidelines. Let’s get trading shall we?

Step 1: Choose your trade type. This will be something like a one touch option or a high/low option and sets the conditions for a winning trade. In most cases the trade types are shown as tabs on the trading page. After making the trade type selection move on to step 2.

Step 2: You will now choose your asset class and underlying asset for the trade. These are typically tabbed, just like the trade types. You must choose the asset class first (stocks, indices, currencies) and once that is done you will have access to the underlying assets. Choose one and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Choose your expiration time for the trade. On most platforms this will be a dropdown list that shows all the available time frames. Several choices are typically available and they can range from 15 minutes to a year in some cases. Most traders stick with the shorter time frames to maximize their trading opportunities and profits.

Step 4: Choose the amount you are going to invest in this trade. Most brokers have minimum requirements and your trade amount must be at least this much. Your profits (and losses) will be determined by the amount you risk on each trade. It is good to have a money management system to help determine the optimal amount to risk on each trade.

Step 5: Choose between high and low (assuming you are using a high/low contract) or other variables and press the “Buy” button. Now you only need to wait for the expiration of the contract to collect your winnings.

Some traders like to watch the movements of the underlying asset while they wait for their option to expire while others will move on to other things and only check after the option has expired. There is no reason to watch the price movement, unless you are trading through a broker who allows for early closure of your trades. Some traders like to close out their trades as soon as they are in the money. This provides a lower payout percentage, but it also provides protection against the trade moving against you while waiting for the expiration of the option.

At the end of the day it is your decision on whether you want to watch your trades as they progress and close them out early if they become profitable.